Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spending Fast of Winter 2011: Day 1

This is day one of  a three month spending fast.  If it isn't free, already included in the family budget or an emergency I won't be spending money on it.

Resources that will help me through the next three months:
-A chest freezer that is stocked up with various proteins. 
-Belonging to a locovore buying club. Membership for the club is paid for until June. Membership is a lot like Costco in that it allows me to get fresh, local, mostly organic produce and food products for close to wholesale prices.
-Local library systems that have ebooks and audio books available for download. *
-A realistic family budget.
-Netflix membership.
-A Kaboodle account. This lets me still window shop and wishlist. I have found that I make more considered decisions if I let an item sit in a wishlist for a few months
-Access to the Smithsonian museums. Admission to all of their museums is free. Parking at the hangar in Chantilly, VA or buying food at the museums is what gets expensive.
-Belonging to a few groups that offer social events that are free.
-Project Gutenberg ( ) *
-Internet access.
-A partner that is more into being frugal than I am.

*Note- I have a Blackberry PDA. 

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