Saturday, March 17, 2012

Technique: Cinnamon Toast

My son would live on cinnamon toast if I let him. Here is how I make it. Using this technique allows the kids to help if they want. It is low mess. Because the cinnamon-sugar is in a ziplock baggy it is easy to keep the mixture on hand for a few days at a time.

brown sugar
cinnamon, ground

- Toast bread
- Butter bread
- Mix brown sugar & cinnamon in ziplock baggy big enough for 1 slice of bread
- Place buttered, toasted bread into baggy
- Seal baggy
-Shake until bread is coated in cinnamon-sugar
- Remove from baggy
- Serve

You could use the extra cinnamon-sugar as a topping or addition to baking.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Of Yoga and Lettuce Wraps

To continue on the vein of getting healthier I want to share 2 things I have been really into these last few weeks.

Lettuce wraps are something I never buy when I go out to eat. I can never stomach the price point. Now that I have started making them at home I am in love with them. But. I am less inclined to order them in a restaurant now than I was before. They are ridiculously simple to make. In my case they were a happy accident born of laziness and a need to put food together for guests. The original menu plan was to make summer rolls. We got so caught up in talking that time slipped away and we found ourselves hungry. Summer rolls were going to take too long. I grabbed a head of Boston lettuce that was sitting in my fridge. A few fresh vegis, shredded chicken and dressing later we had little green cups of awesome. To my surprise my 21 month old daughter loves them too.

Lettuce wrap jumping off point:

-Boston lettuce or your favorite variety except iceberg
-carrot cut into toothpick-like sticks
-cucumber cut into thin strips
-avocado sliced thin enough to fold with lettuce or mashed
-shredded cooked chicken, chopped hard boiled egg or crumbled tofu
-blue cheese dressing or sauce of choice

1) Prep vegis.
2) Rinse lettuce and dry. I use my salad spinner.
3) Arrange lettuce leaves on a serving platter or plate in a single layer.
4) Place avocado in leaves.
5) Add your choice of vegis and protein.
6) Drizzle on sauce.
7) Serve

The last few months saw the return of an old exercise standby. Yoga. Growing up hippy spawn I didn’t even know it had a name until my preteens. Gaiam videos work best for me. The format is uncluttered. The camera coverage is smooth while allowing observation of proper technique. I started with Rodney Yee’s yoga for abs. After a few months Hubby is able to see a change in my figure. My clothes fit different *. There is a definite change in my energy levels. Working out first thing in the morning before I am fully awake works best for me. This week I added a 15 minute yoga for beginners workout. It’s presented by Colleen Saidman. Getting the extra stretch and grounding before starting Dude and Diva’s night routine tends to make things calmer around here.

This is the link to Gaiam:

*Note: One important thing to remember when working out to get healthier. Muscle weighs more than fat. Weight loss may not be immediate. Don’t get discouraged if the numbers on the scale are not reflecting your hard work in the first few weeks.