Sunday, May 13, 2012

Default & Detox

The new change in food intake has been going ok. I have been allowing myself to ease slowly into it. I am looking at grain and refined sugar free eating as my default way of eating. The view of a way of eating as a diet tends to have two downfalls that eventually lead to quitting that path. First if a person is on a diet and breaks from that way of eating the common vernacular is to call it cheating. This implies bad behavior. If a person feels like they are bad and have failed it can lead to a feeling of defeat. Second a diet is usually meant to be used for a finite amount of time. A change in eating style can be adopted for the rest of a persons life.

In my case weight loss is not my goal. If it happens great. My goal is to improve my sense of well being and avoid developing type 2 diabetes. Lowering the amount of grain and refined sugar I consume will help off set the 50% increase in my chances of developing diabetes that is a result of having had gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy.

For the next 2 weeks I will be freely allowing grain back into my dietary intake. I will be attempting 2 weeks of a simple detox interjected with a 3 day juice fast. The links for both can be found at the end of this post. The outcome I hope to achieve at the end of two weeks is having my body at a place where I have lessened my refined sugar cravings. Grain is not something I usually find myself craving. I tend to eat it out of convenience. Processed sugar is a whole different story. I do find myself craving it almost to a point of distraction.

Guidelines for detox & juice feast on My New Roots blog:

Simple detox:

Juice feast:

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