Saturday, March 17, 2012

Technique: Cinnamon Toast

My son would live on cinnamon toast if I let him. Here is how I make it. Using this technique allows the kids to help if they want. It is low mess. Because the cinnamon-sugar is in a ziplock baggy it is easy to keep the mixture on hand for a few days at a time.

brown sugar
cinnamon, ground

- Toast bread
- Butter bread
- Mix brown sugar & cinnamon in ziplock baggy big enough for 1 slice of bread
- Place buttered, toasted bread into baggy
- Seal baggy
-Shake until bread is coated in cinnamon-sugar
- Remove from baggy
- Serve

You could use the extra cinnamon-sugar as a topping or addition to baking.

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  1. My mom would mix the cinnamon and sugar in a spice jar with largish holes in the cap. That way we could sprinkle to our hearts content.