Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food Musings & an Update

Transition of my fitness & eating lifestyle is going well. We have been eating at home a lot. Grabbing a bite out is a rare thing these days. I have only had a real soda a few times in that handful times we dined out. In the place of soda there tends to be seltzer water around the house. Yoga has been off and on but I miss it the days that I don't practice. Practice is also making it much less of a thought process and more of a comfortable place physically & psychologically.

I cancelled my gym membership. Husband still goes. I was able to make it out one day a week, three weeks out of every four. Simply put the cost wasn't worth it. Especially when the thirty minute prep and thirty minute recovery that surrounded me getting into my car. Much simpler to roll out of bed, put my hair in a ponytail and turn on a DVD before I have fully woken up. Going forward I am hoping to work up to yoga everyday for seventy-five minutes. It would be nice to fit in either a middle eastern dance class or DVD practice 3 times a week too.

This Friday will see me stepping up things in regards to my eating. It's spring. I crave differently as we barrel toward gods awful hot here on the tip of the south. Less dark meats and rich foods. More lacto-ovo style diet. When we hit summer I can see possibly juicing during most of the day with a light egg for protein meal in the evening becoming my norm through the middle of fall. I doubt I will give up that decadent drizzle of half and half in my tea for more than a week or two. A person has to hold onto some vice.

Speaking of vice. I am almost completely coffee free. I haven't brewed a pot of coffee at home in some time. I have had the occasional Starbucks creation when out and about. Life has been mostly tea powered. It's not likely that will change as the weather heats up. I'll go from pots of hot tea to pitchers of cold. Plain tea, not *shudder* sweetened.

I have been toying with the idea of doing a detox May-ish. June or July I might even go as far as a juice cleanse for a few days. I was raised pretty darn granola so neither concept is new to me. Mentally it feels more akin to comfort food . Kind of like apple pie and hot chocolate to others. If I do go ahead with the detox and the cleanse I will be following the advise of My New Roots (  ) .

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